Ayora Island

Portumus is an Island in the middle of the largest sea in Aeligord. It serves as a major sea port and is not associated with any nation, Instead is ruled by its own Feudalistic government. The people of the island are from all over the world and have brought their cultures with them, making the island very diverse in its cultures and religion.

The diversity of the island makes it more advanced. Steam engines and other advanced technologies have come to the island over time. Because of this there are many engineers, scientist, explorers and others on the island that make it grand.

Portumus doesnt export as much as it imports. It’s mainly known as a trade hub of a very large sea. Peoples from around the world bring in their goods to trade here. Most of the crops or livestock on the island are for the people who live on the island.

There is also a well known Black Market on the island that is run by Pirates. These pirates pay tribute to the lord of the island that allows this black market to continue to operate.

To Be Continued…


Significant Places of Portumus-

The Light House District

The Blue Sunflower