This site was just something I wanted to come up with for fun. I have played a ton of RPG games (Table top and Video games) and people always get immersed into the worlds they love. I decided I would like to create my own world and all the lore that goes a long with it. On this site you will find my world, Aeligord. I will also be using the Conquest Reforged mod to create this world.

This will be a fantasy world based on realism. Some things might not sound like it could “really happen” or “be real” but this is my creation and how I want it. I’m still always open to feedback though. Just please be respectful and I will always take it into consideration.

Below are any credits or resources I have used in any way while creating content.

Please feel free to use what I have created but give credit where credit is due.

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Conquest Reforged Sword

I use the Conquest Reforged Mod for all of my building – Check them out Here

The Map I use is by Wpgg and is called the Island of Ayora – Check him out Here

Inspirational Resources:

A lot of the inspiration I use to build/write lore comes from friends and feedback I get from them. I also have gotten a ton of inspiration from different games and books. Below is a list I came up with of some of this inspiration.

  • Pinterest – This is my own pinterest that I use A LOT! Feel free to follow and use it 😀
  • Dungeons & Dragons – I use the 3.5 Books from Wizards, but I also use resources from  D20 books like Legends & Lairs and Sword & Sorcery
  • The Witcher Series – This video game series is an amazing immersive environment with a very good story line and lore
  • The Elder Scrolls Series – I use both the Lore books that are written for this as well as the video games themselves.
  • World of Warcraft – I love the lore written for WoW.
  • Game of Thrones – Between the books, TV show, and video games this is probably one of the most immersive and atmospheric series ever.
  • Black Sail – Very inspirational TV show for Pirates
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Great “pirate lore” movies
  • Lord of the Rings – Such a well written detailed series